Holistic productivity with Google Workspace

Google Workspace ‘30 - this is how you stay productive in home office

Home Office is the most effective mean against a standstill. Google Workspace with Google Meet for videoconferencing enables you to a seamless transfer of your workplace from the office space to your home.

Google Cloud and Wabion provide the necessary support with the Google Workspace '30 offer: We provide a Google Workspace demo environment for 30 days for you to test collaboration with Google Meet and the other productivity apps of Google Workspace deeply and be able to rate them for your needs. A dedicated project manager from Wabion will accompany you through the whole process: organise training workshops with our experts and advise you transparently about the optimal use of Google Workspace within your business.

You are very satisfied with your current collaboration tools but need a reliable videoconferencing tool? Then use Google Meet for free!

Get in touch with us and find out how we can help keep your business running when working from home.

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