Use Meet for free

Google Cloud and Wabion help out

We want to offer support in these extraoridnary times and help keep businesses running. This is why Google Cloud put their videoconferencing tool Google Meet at free disposal for businesses until the end of September 2020.

Since we especially want to support medium size businesses, Wabion will set up the Meet environment for free as well for businesses with 100-250 users. But we also have attractive offers at hand for larger businesses. Do not hesistate to reach out to us.

What happens after September?

Google Meet is only one app and part of Google's complete collaboration tool set Google Workspace and could formerly only be purchased as such.

During this free usage period, users can profit from the whole extent of the enterprise license features of Google Meet: up to 250 participants in a videoconference, reconrdings etc. (available for free now and until September 30, 2020).

After the free usage period you have the following options:

  • You stop using Google Meet.
  • You decide to keep using Google Meet as a stand alone tool in a standard or enterprise version (available starting September).
  • You are curious about Google Workspace as a whole collaboration tool set, incl. Google Meet (standard or enterprise - depending on the wanted license). Of course you don't have to trust here blindly either and can test the collaboration suite in detail beforehand.

Reach out to us!